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Capturing my pheromones

Before going out into public, often in the seat of my car, I derive immense pleasure from slipping my hands under my dress, sliding my finger(s) into my wet pussy, and savoring the feel of my wetness, the scent of my desire.

If I'm in public somewhere, I like to sit next to a man, alone, perhaps staring at the screen of his phone, lost in his own little world.

But, I kid you not, over 70% of the gents I pull this little number on suddenly turns his head in my direction, nose sniffing lightly, a look as though he has no idea what's going on with the way his body suddenly reacts. He seems to feel as though some deep, inner primal longing is taking over.

If I'm sitting in a place such as a food court, my preference, I make sure to sit back to back with the lucky gent. When he turns in my direction, he is likely looking perplexed as he tries to have his mind comprehend what his body is doing.

At this point I raise my hand, lightly running my fingers through my hair, my scent mere inches from his face.

I'm not sure if it fascinates me or if it's what I have come to expect after so many years being a sexual goddess, but it always makes me smile....and gets me so so wet.

If only I could bottle the essence, the aura of my sexual being. I think it would be a big a matter of fact I'm going to see if I can take a pair of my lace panties and wrap them around my fingers, or a dildo, while I start sexting with a fan, to see if I can preserve the scent. It always gives me a type of high, realizing the value of my sweet kitty.

These are the type of thoughts that fill my head from morning to night, and I wouldn’t want it any other way

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