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Be a dear and wash my back won't you?

She knew he was only a breath away.  She could sense this, feeling his presence as he watched her step from the shower.

This game of cat and mouse had kept them both feeling alive under the roof of his uptight angry father, for a few years now.

He wanted her as he had no other.  The smell of her perfume drifting through the air, the jovial laugh that she never held back, and the way she touched her own body as he watched were the stuff dreams were made of.  Well, at least the dreams of naughty boys seeking the taboo.

It was as though she were teaching him how to master the art of seduction.  Every opportunity he had to stroke out a load as he spied on her taught him something new.

How to kiss,

Hot to touch and be touched

How to stimulate her to the point that she cried out in delight.

Each lesson was well received and justly rewarded in the palm of his own hands.

She would finish up each time, looking in the direction of his numerous hiding places in her vast bedroom suite, and then, she would mouth the word that had kept him alive, escaping his everyday grey flannel life…..”soon’.  

Fantasies kept alive in that one simple word

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