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Ava Grace - Review #2


9 - Model material


9 - Forgot it was a service





Session Location


General Details

Ava is new to this world. Despite not having any reviews, a trusted friend assured me that she was amazing. I'm glad I took the plunge. The entire experience was indeed amazing - as good as it gets in this hobby. Heck, as good as it gets in real life. Ava is a lovely human being. And beautiful and sensual. I will see her often.

The Juicy Details

When I first laid eyes on her - wow. She gives off model vibes. Tall, thin, blonde with crystal blue eyes. Truly and objectively beautiful. Personality wise, she is warm and bubbly. We spent a lot of time talking. She is interesting and open about herself and life's adventures. It felt like getting caught up with an old friend...except we were completely naked and in bed and she was stroking my cock throughout. I could have cum pretty quickly from her HJ alone, looking into her mesmerizing eyes, and left happy. But I fought hard against cumming just then as I needed to fuck her. We started kissing. Deep and passionate French

kisses. She then asked me if I wanted to fuck her then or experience her mouth first. She added with a glint of mischief that she could not guarantee I would not cum pretty quickly if she went down on me. I accepted the challenge. Even a few seconds in on that BBBJ, I felt there was no way I'd win that challenge. She focused her efforts on the tip of my cock and the suction was almost machine like. No way a human mouth could be capable of such suction. She did this a few times and I asked her to please slow down...she then deep throated felt so good but I told her I needed to be inside if her. I think this turned her on as we started making out so frantically and hungrily. When I finally entered her in mish I could not believe how tight she was. High school girlfriend tight. We got in sync and found a perfect rhythm. I could feel her below me tensing and starting to convulse. She was panting and whispering to me that she was getting close and to go faster. I did

not think I could pick up the face without coming right away. But I couldn't say no. So I started really pounding her and by some miracle lasted a few more minutes. She started to orgasm and by then I could not hold back any more. She grabbed me holding on tightly. We came more or less at the same time. The look on her face, one of pleasure and delight knowing how much we both enjoyed that moment will stay with me for a long time.

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