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Ava Grace Review

This review can also be viewed on TER. The gentleman who wrote it was kind enough to send me the review as well.


9 - Model material


9 - Forgot it was a service


Friendly, accommodating, passionate


Lovely erotic atmosphere

Session Location

Fairfax, VA

General Details

She's 5'8 and so am I. Without heals (her, not me) I could look her in the eye. Those legs! I could have sworn she was over 6 feet. Like your sweet younger sister, the MILF next door, she has a body and an attitude that just won't quit. Sexy, accommodating, a nearly perfect sexual experience. Great ass, perfect tits, big nipples, and a sexy, open grace. A real GFE. Get to know her, you regret it.

The Juicy Details

I reserved an hour at the studio she uses. I had this fantasy about the photographer who makes the model feel special and gets to play with her while continuing to shoot, and she was more than accommodating. I had a recommendation from another provider I've worked with before. I made clear that the pics were for my personal use ONLY, and let her know she could use them for promotional purposes as she saw fit. You can ask her if she will provide a similar fantasy for you and negotiate for the extra service. She was there when I arrived on time. Opened the door, and there she was, with heals, a very sexy teddy, and those legs! Legs from here to there and back. Tasteful tattoos. I asked about her art, and she gladly shared their significance. Stunning dirty blonde hair to the middle of her back that she uses to provide a most sexy tickle. After some light conversation, she started posing in the perfectly accommodated studio. The studio is well equipped for exactly this kind of thing. I got my camera and tripod set up, and suggested several poses for her to assume. After a

few minutes, I was warm so I stripped down to my boxers. We took several more picture in different poses, many of which featured those amazing legs. At one point I asked her if I could adjust her spaghetti straps. She immediately agreed. I approached her, with her beautiful hair against my back. I reached up, slide the straps over her shoulders, and slowly caressed her shoulders, moving her hair to one side. I next massaged her neck, reached over her shoulders, pulled down her top, and gently lifted her perfect C cup boobs. Her amazing nipples immediately got even harder as I stroked them slowly and gave a little pinch. I had her lie back down on the chaise lounge, and instructed her to let her hair hang over the edge with her neck supported. I instructed her to cover her tits with her hands, and slowly massage her nipples. While she did this, I bent down and gently kissed her on the lips, upside down. Out came her soft tongue, and she plunged it deep in my mouth. After several

grip on my dick tightened, with her tongue pressing against the bottom of my cock while I continued hind her head to get some vertical shots with the wide angle lens of her laying there, getting the shot from head to toe. As I was standing over her head, I gently suggested that she reach up and pull my boxers down. She did so slowly, wiggling them over my hips. She saw my cock above her, hard as a rock, and with a big smile pulled me down and put me in her mouth, slowly moving it up and down until I joined by flexing my knees and hips at the same pace. She took all of me, all the way down and all the way back up, and purred her pleasure with a lovely hum. We went like this for a couple of minutes, with her giving me one of the best BBBJs I've ever had while I played with her beautiful nipples. Next, I slid my hands down from her tits to her flat stomach to her belly button and down to her pussy. I gently stroked the inside of her thighs, then moved to the outside of her labia, and finally slowly stroked her now erect clit. After a minute or two of her getting hotter, her mouth

grip on my dick tightened, with her tongue pressing against the bottom of my cock while I continued to stroke. I leaned over, pulled her thighs apart to create a beautiful Y with those long legs, and started to dine at the Y, working my tongue over her labia and clit. She shreeked with pleasure, opening her mouth a bit to let out a scream of pleasure. My tongue was soon soaked with her tasty juices as I slowly worked it inside then out again to the lips, then in again. I slid one then two fingers inside her, curling my fingers and massaging her G spot while I sucked on her clit. Her pussy tightened around my fingers, and a few seconds later she let out a yelp of pleasure while she had a massive orgasm. We moved to the lovely canopied bed, and she slid a cover on me so I could finish inside her hot pussy, safely expelling everything I had. We cuddled, we giggled, we chatted. While we hugged I got hard again, and she accommodated me with a slow, pleasant hand job (my choice),

using one hand to pull me and the other to massage my sack. Mission accomplished. Well worth my time and donation for her time, and I cannot wait to be with my new friend again!

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