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At home alone

I've been editing some videos to post on, as only fans is so incredibly difficult to deal with. I took a break after getting so horny watching myself, and, get ready for this, I am now fucking myself with a dildo wrapped in my own panties.! I promised a fan that I would bring myself to climax, and then quickly seal my panties in a jar and send them to him. I'm finding it to be incredibly stimulating and satisfying. The feel of the silk as it gets wetter with every thrust into my hot piss is worth videoing, and u will do do next time. The sweet musky scent of release is gratifying in and of itself! I hope your Thursday evening is turning out to be as enjoyable as mine! PS - i'm going to have a ride to the same room together taking pictures tomorrow. I'm excited for the aforementioned fan, to do a. scent comparison!

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