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Any given Tuesday - Bill

She was sitting on the beige chaise lounge when he entered the room.

He took a moment to take it in, this woman, so sexy in so many ways, but especially at moments like this. Alone with her thoughts, looking naturally beautiful and sexy as she lounged on the soft chair.

She was wearing a stylish black skirt with a silk silver top.

The neckline, while remaining professional, gave the slightest glimpse of the sweet, inviting cleavage of her natural DDs.

The skirt was form fitting, flaring at the bottom to accentuate her long and shapely legs.

Her heels were black and strappy, literally walking the fine line between sexy office attire and come fuck me shoes.

"Mmmm" was all he could manage as he felt his cock already pulsating for her.

The rest of the story can be found in my blog

The pictures give you an idea of where this true tale leads....

She sensed him more than saw him as she lifted her head.

He was so handsome, and carried himself with an assured confidence.

His hair, a lovely mixture of salt and pepper, made her want to grasp him by the head and run her fingers through it while soaking up his passionate kisses.

He was in fantastic shape and took pride in that, a feature Tori found undeniably attractive.

She swung her long bare legs over the chair, stopping when he told her to stay where she was.

She licked her full plump lips and gave him a smile, somewhere between devilish and dare he say innocent.

It was a look that took him to a level he had never before experienced.

There was just some type of raw sexuality about her that he had never before encountered.

She had never turned him down, and initiated as much, if not more, than he did.

Just feeling desired by a woman again was enough to fulfill him.

But there was so much more to her.

He couldn’t sum it up any more than any previous lover of hers could, so he just agreed with the rest.

She was a sexual goddess.

He walked towards her and reached down, tilting her chin upward.

She met his lips with a sweet kiss. They moved at a slow pace, really tasting and relishing one another through this act.

In time she allowed him to pull her to a standing position.

Her arms went around his neck as she leaned into him.

Even with her 4” heels he was taller than her. She was, after all, only a petite 5’3”.

The kisses became more playful, their tongues dancing and teasing each other as they gave and took away.

She bit on his lower lip, teasing him with her hunger.

Parting briefly, they both opened their eyes and became overwhelmed with passion as they looked into the eyes of their lover….the fervent, smoking look, almost as though they were glazed over, was what put them over the edge.

He took her head in his hands and grabbed at her hair.

He sensed that she wanted to return to a sitting position, making his cock at mouth level so she could suck him to the edge over and over again.

There was no denying that was something they were both huge fans of, but today he had other plans.

He swung her around and lowered himself onto the chaise lounge, moving his hands to her thighs .

Her skin was soft, like the petals of a fresh lower, until he moved his large hands farther up. She visibly shook, goosebumps appearing on her flawless skin as he brushed lightly over the silk of her thong.

Allowing his thumb to find her clit he moved it back and forth, driving her to the point where her knees grew weak.

Wanting to prolong her first orgasm, he moved his hands to her sweet ass, leaving her clit throbbing for his touch.

He knew she hated her butt, but he found it downright delectable.

It was small, but it filled his hands and was as soft as clouds sitting atop her heavenly legs.

Bringing her closer, he looked up, allowing the warmth of his breath to release into the fabric covering her beautiful pussy.

She moaned in exquisite pleasure and pulled his head closer against her.

Between his hands and hers, the stylish skirt was quickly raised.

He continued teasing through her panties, even lighting biting at her.

When she could stand this no longer she pulled the silk of the thong to the side and spread her lips for him, giving him full access to her now throbbing clit.

He licked at it lightly, feeling his precum beginning to leak as he felt her clit harden.

He buried his head between her thighs and began to lick her from her tight pink asshole to her wet twat, back and forth until eventually stopping at her clit. He would linger there long enough to bring her to the edge.

“Paybacks are a bitch,” he said as he pulled away, and there was no denying what he meant.

She had made a game, fulfilling for both, of bringing him to that point over and over again before allowing him to release.

She smiled again, almost daring, but knowing she was in a precarious position.

She was struggling to stand up as her legs grew weak and the aforementioned heels were not helping.

He put his hands over hers, opening her flower to the point where he could see where the wet flesh of her cunt led into that place of magic.

He began putting the tip of one finger inside her.

Her twat convulsed in an eager attempt to draw him further inside.

It was painstaking, the amount of time he made them both endure, before she swallowed up his finger and he began to lightly stroke her g-spot, which he found with ease.

Once again, the moment her legs began to quiver, he stopped the delicious act he was performing, leaving her legs quivering for more.

Moving his attention back to her sweet clit allowed him to slide two fingers into her tight hole.

He could feel her spasms as they gripped and released against his fingers, ramming deep inside of her as she begged for him to go faster. Harder. Begging for all four fingers as she seemed to open up to accommodate.

She was now almost smothering him with her pussy,and could no longer hold back.

Crying out, grabbing his shoulders to steady herself, she began creaming over his mouth, his nose, his chin, seemingly filling his face with her cum.

The taste was a mixture of sweetness, and a heady, almost musky accent.

As she screamed aloud, allowing the orgasm to dominate her being, he could hold out no longer.

He came hard, and in abundance, his pants almost dripping with his load.

This was not the first time she brought him to orgasm without even touching him, but it was an amazing and mind blowing feeling every time


He had never been with a woman who was just so naturally into it, who seemed to possess a magic and power over men reminiscent of a greek goddess.

Hearing her, feeling her, and seeing her totally absorbed in pleasure was enough to make any man lose more than control.

She fell into him and swallowed him in her kisses, wanting to taste herself in his mouth.

They both began the next chapter without ending the first. Their hunger for each other was evenly matched, and he craved her as much today as he did the first time they shared a bed.

She moved her gorgeous lips to his neck, licking and sucking at the sensitive flesh.

It was reminiscent of frenzied make out sessions in the car during his teenage years, and truth be told she made him feel that youthful and alive again.

Pushing him back, whispering “now it's my turn” she went to her knees, unzipping him and licking at his cum as it dripped freely onto her tongue.

Part 2 coming soon!

Please like this post so I know what my readers are really into as far as my stories go!

And yes, this is a true story, they all are true fragments of my life.

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