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Another day at work

I arrived at the upscale DC hotel and pulled up to the valet.  I handed my keys to the young fellow who  smiled warmly, conveying his appreciation for my tasteful yet sexy  attire allowing for a peek at my long slender legs as I exited my Mercedes.  I applied  lip gloss as I glided through  the hotel entrance.  I couldn't help but smile mischievously as heads turned in my direction. I wondered if they somehow sensed that I was about to enjoy myself on a level most folks only fantasize about.  Stepping into the elevator, I exchanged pleasantries with a group of gents, letting my eyes sparkle and dance as I engaged in playful banter. Flirting is always a delightful game and one I play in expert fashion.   Exiting the elevator and strolling down the hallway, I found myself licking my lips in anticipation, excitement, and hopefulness for what awaited behind the door. I lightly knocked, smiling warmly as the door cracked open, and my smile widened as I saw his genuine reaction. Just another day at the office for me!

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