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An afternoon with Braxton

She felt an unfamiliar twinge of nerves as she awaited his arrival, a sensation she rarely experienced. There was an undeniable allure about him that went beyond mere physical appearance. Tori typically didn't gravitate toward conventionally handsome men; she preferred to be the standout in the bedroom. Yet, there was something captivating

about his dimples and the promise in his eyes, hinting at incredible sexual encounters each time they locked gazes.

His well-defined physique, particularly his sculpted biceps, never failed to entice her. Running her hands over his muscles, she felt his power and strength, relishing in the sensation. But there was a deeper connection, one that eluded her ability to articulate. It transcended mere physicality, surpassing even his skilled tongue and impressive endowment.

He texted her a little before 4, alerting her to his imminent arrival. Tori swiftly unlocked the door to the studio where she entertained her clients, then dashed into the bathroom to freshen up, powdering her nose and applying a fresh coat of lip gloss to her full, pouting lips. As she heard the door being opened, she took a deep breath, feeling her heartbeat quicken ever so slightly.

When he walked through the door, she was struck by how much more attractive he was than she remembered. A surge of desire washed over her, a sensation she had only experienced with a few other men in her past. Moving toward him, she found herself at a loss for words, but words became unnecessary as their lips met in a passionate kiss. The kisses were simultaneously new and familiar, making her knees weak.

His arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her effortlessly as her long legs wrapped around him. Their kisses grew more fervent, as if attempting to quench a thirst they both shared for one another. 

Their kisses continued as he carried her to the bed, their bodies entangled with one another. His lips trailed to her neck, a particularly sensitive area for Tori, then to her ears, eliciting gasps of pleasure. They explored each other's bodies with hands and lips, committing every curve and angle to memory.

Moving slowly, he kissed his way down to her thighs, igniting sensations that drove Tori wild with desire. Expertly, he found her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth before taking it into his mouth, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her legs quivered as she squirmed under his touch, the sensation both exquisite and intense as she reached her first orgasm.

Without warning, he flipped her over, his mouth finding its target with precision. With seemingly innate knowledge of her body, he pleasured her with skill, bringing her to her second orgasm with ease. The combination of his wet mouth, the scent of her arousal in the air, and his exceptional sexual prowess left her breathless and satisfied.

By now, Tori was in a state of bliss, her trembling legs and sweaty hair testament to her pleasure. He would grab her hair, pulling her in for passionate kisses, asserting his dominance as she eagerly submitted. Being in control of every aspect of her life left Tori yearning to relinquish control to her lover, but given her profession, it was a line she rarely allowed herself to cross. Surrendering control could be risky, an area Tori hesitated to explore. But with him, it was different.

Tori had thought about him incessantly since their first encounter. No sooner had he left than she found herself hoping, longing, and yearning for a second encounter. Their intimacy was that of familiar lovers, not of two people who had recently met. 

She could no longer contain her hunger for his magnificent cock, and,  flipping their positions she began the exploration of his fabulous physique. Her lips and long nails worked expertly over his skin, moving lower until she took his rock-hard cock into her mouth.

He moaned aloud as she teased him, her tongue swirling around, bringing him to new heights of pleasure. With a sudden motion, she took him deep into her throat, his pulsating member filling her mouth. He pulled her up, trying to hold back as she brought him close to orgasm. The amazing blowjob slowed but continued until she brought him too close to the edge.  Their time in the bedroom was new and fresh, yet they moved fluidly as though they had been lovers for years.

They both longed to connect and become one. He instructed her to get on top, and she complied with a smile on her face. She lowered herself onto his pulsating hard-on, her wet pussy easily accommodating his thickness. Moving back and forth, she brought herself to orgasm before collapsing on the bed, her legs quivering.

"On your knees," he whispered hoarsely with desire and satisfaction. Their chemistry was undeniable, a rare thing for Tori. She'd had countless lovers, but rarely did she meet one who fit her body so perfectly, who knew her likes and dislikes so well.  

He took her from behind, driving deep into her as she cried out with exquisite pleasure, climaxing again and again. Tori was a hot mess, her hair damp with perspiration, unsure if she could hold herself up any longer.  She lay flat on the bed, guiding him into her once again as she completely and totally surrendered to the moment.  She was in a state of satisfaction that was beyond words, beyond her highest expectations.  They stayed intertwined, bodies melding together, both spent and satisfied, as they simultaneously found release.

He came with such force she swore she could feel it in the depths of her soul. They lay there together, bodies intertwined, basking in the afterglow of their passion.

After catching their breath, they chatted with the ease of familiar friends and lovers. Eventually, the time came for them to part ways, and he excused himself to freshen up. Tori lay there, gazing at the flickering candles, enveloped in a state of pure bliss.

As he emerged from the bathroom, he moved towards her, their lips meeting in a tender goodbye kiss. As the door shut behind him, she found herself already longing for the next time they would share moments together.

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