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A proper BJ!

It starts with a bit of teasing, long nails raking over full balls, controlling your release. If and when.

Slowly she goes to her knees, looking up at you with that magic in her ebony eyes. They seem to be smiling up at you, the promise of magic twinkling sa she moves closer.

You feel her breeath, warm, moist, maddening, caressing your hard rod.

Perhaps her tongue extends, just a bit, enough to lap at the precum beginning to drip from your swollen manhood.

Her tongue moves down your shaft, so slowly it's almost excrutiating. She doesnt stop at the base, as most women would. No, she moves to your balls, pushing your cock upward to give you a better view as she sucks your balls into her mouth.....

And, of course, it just gets better from there, especially when she invites her friend to join in on the pleasure they are about to bestow.

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