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A funny story ;

I often share snippets of my incredibly adventurous life with my eldest daughter, who is 34. I spare her the explicit details, but you can imagine, I've got a treasure trove of fantastic tales. Honestly, my life could be a Lifetime TV movie, but even then, it might seem too outlandish.

Just last week, I found myself grocery shopping with two of my

five grandkids. After loading up the car and reaching home, we discovered a few items were missing. Despite double-checking the car, we couldn't find them. We figured we must have overlooked a bag.

A couple of days later, I headed to Boston for work. At the upscale hotel front desk, I gave the attractive young woman my name, smiling but saying little in the effort of keeping a low profile. However, with my natural DDDs and fiery red hair, blending in is no easy task. As the clerk requested my ID and card for incidentals, I reached into my oversized bag for my wallet. Lo and behold, I found the missing groceries. A cucumber tumbled out, right in front of the people waiting behind me. Talk about an awkward moment, and my face burned with embarrassment. Normally, I'd crack a joke, but this time, I wisely stayed silent and quickly stowed it back in my bag.

Naturally, I called my daughter to share the ordeal. I often joke that I should record our calls for a podcast; we come from a family of exceptionally funny people. After recounting the story and sharing a good laugh, she quipped, "I thought you'd tell them the cucumber would be perfectly pickled by the next day!"

I swear, my life is a whirlwind of fun, excitement, hilarity, events, and interesting encounters—more than anyone I know or have ever met!

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