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Frequently asked questions

  • The question I hear most often, from men and women alike.....Are your breasts real?
    Yes, they are! To quote a famous tv line..."they are real and they're spectacular!" I must say they look even better glistening with oil and watching a rock hard cock sliding between my cleavage. I'm just sayin!
  • Are you still in the business and accepting new clients?
    I just recently decided to give up "real" dating and get back into the biz. I have come to the conclusion that I am who and what I am, and I say that without the faintest hint of regret or any other negative feelings. How many people would love to earn a living doing something they love? Not to mention the fact that I'm sooo soo good at it!
  • How often do you post?
    I post a new story here on my blog once a week. Sometimes it's a recount of an incredibly stimulating sexual experience. At other times it's a detailed fantasy that I have yet to live out. I post images and stories daily on
  • Can I send you a gift and if so do you have a wish list where I can send you a gift?
    What woman doesn't love presents? Here is the link to Wishlist
  • Do you sell privately written stories and or videos?
    I absolutely adore taking someone's fantasy and spinning it into a story that will get my panties damp! Please fill out the Contact Form and we can go from there. Personally crafted stories start at $199.

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