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Unedited videos and Pics

You can  purchase videos right here via CashApp, or Venmo  


Step 1:  Make payment though the buttons below

Step 2: Submit order form (located at the bottom of this page) with a screen shot of (or enter manually) the receipt info  and which package you would like to purchase

Step 3:  Watch your inbox with eager anticipation

Package #1


20 minutes

Sale price valid through 8-1-23

 Cum on Titties


This video is short but incredibly hot!  My lover stands over me and jerks his load all over my gorgeous natural DDs!!
6-8-23 dm email pic.jpg

Tongue Action


site pic Video Package #1 (3).jpg
I'm playing with my favorite suction cup dildo that I place on a bar stool.  There' s lots of grinding on my part!

Masturbation Video


6-9-23 dm email pic.jpg
blurred tun pus.jpg

 Cum on Titties


Getting licked While Standing


Plus more video shorts and a sexy picture slideshow of 20 pics

Package #2

35 minutes

Sale price valid through 8-1-23

3-8-23 pic video package #2 -1.jpg

Milking Table


It didn't take long for him to lose his load all over my soft skin
3-8-23 Video Package #2-2.jpg

BJ and hand job


I've been told my mouth is like heaven and my hands have a magical touch
1-20-23 pic cropped site.jpg

Masturbation- Church


Naughty girl in front of church backdrop
2-23-23 cop cropped 3.jpg

Role Play


In this POV video (me n toys only) I play the part of the jailor making the bad inmate service me 
2-21-23 dm email.jpg
POV video of the naughty StepMom

Role Play


Plus more video shorts and a sexy picture slideshow of 20 pics

2-16-23 site pic battlefield 3.jpg

Public Nudity


Me, boots, a hat and scrarf at the Manassas Battlefield.

Package #3

3-8-23 Video Package #3-1.jpg

Milking Table


There is just something so hot about the milking table!
3-8-23 Video Package #3-3.jpg
 I was a very bad girl the day I did these videos. I  milked one guy after another!

More Milking Table


package 4-3 pic.jpg

And more!!!


I couldn't get messy enough!

Package #5 - Videos

Package 5-1 pic.jpg

It started with Licking..


And ended with a bj
package 5-2 pic (1).jpg
Anal we're talking!

Me a Dildo and Anal Beads


package 5 -2 pic.jpg

Kitty Lickin Lesson


I give a demonstration of what I like on a realistic vagina!

Package #6 - Videos

3-18-23 site oic package 6.jpg

After Feasting on My Kitty....


He lost his load in my sweet mouth!
3-18-23 pic sit package 6.jpg

A Close Up w/ My POV Kitty Lickin


You can even  hear how sloppy and wet I got!
3-18-23 pic site package 6.jpg

Vibrating Anal Beads


Always a show stopper!  Accompanied by a vibrating dildo!!

Package #7 - Videos

3-20-23 pic video package #7 part 1.jpg

First  I Warmed Up.....


Just me and my dildo....
3-20-23 pic video package #7 part 2.jpg

Then I got Titty F'd....


And guy #1 shot a nice load on my magnificent beasts
3-20-23 pic for package 7.jpg

Then There Was This...


Fun blow BJ position, and I think guy #2 unloaded on my pretty titties as well!

Package #8 - Videos

3-18-23 package 8 pic 2.jpg

Solo Titty Play


Just to tease...
3-18-23 package 8 pic 3.jpg

More Titty Play


And tantalize...
3-18-23 package 8 pic 4.jpg

Even More Titty Play


And tempt!!

Package #9 - Videos

4-16-23 pic.jpg

Hot Masturbation with a Dildo


4-7-23 pic package #9.jpg

Butt Plug & a Dildo


Who doesn't love watching a butt plug going in...and taken out!
4-8-23 pic package 9 vid 3.jpg
Quick and sexy hip wiggling

Showing off the Outfit


Short clips of masturbation and pulling anal beads out.

Package #10 - Videos

4-8-23 pic package #10 vid 1.jpg

This ended in a facial


Assuming you're stuck on the facial, I'll say no more!  Must watch!!
4-8-23 pic vid package #10 vid 3.jpg
Always highly requested

Lip gloss application


4-7-23 pic for package 10.jpg



A quick toke on my pipe with my pretty lips!

Package #11 - Videos

4-13-23 pic package 11 pic 2 (1).jpg

Titty Play


Swaying, bouncing, smiling
4-13-23 pic vid package 11 pic 1.jpg



With anal beads
4-13-23 PIC 3 FOR PACKAGE 11_edited.jpg
Umm, yea, me and a male partner

Whipped Cream and a Cock


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