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$14.99 per package 

Package #1

 Cum on Titties


This video is short but incredibly hot!  My lover stands over me and jerks his load all over my gorgeous natural DDs!!
blurred tun pus.jpg

Tongue Action


Close up of my lover's tongue and my beautiful kitty!
site pic Video Package #1 (3).jpg
I'm playing with my favorite suction cup dildo that I place on a bar stool.  There' s lots of grinding on my part!

Masturbation Video


Package #2

3-8-23 pic video package #2 -1.jpg

Milking Table


It didn't take long for him to lose his load all over my soft skin
3-8-23 Video Package #2-2.jpg

BJ and hand job


I've been told my mouth is like heaven and my hands have a magical touch
1-20-23 pic cropped site.jpg

Masturbation- Church


Naughty girl in front of church backdrop

Package #3

2-23-23 cop cropped 3.jpg

Role Play


In this POV video (me n toys only) I play the part of the jailor making the bad inmate service me 
2-21-23 dm email.jpg
POV video of the naughty StepMom

Role Play


2-16-23 site pic battlefield 3.jpg

Public Nudity


Me, boots, a hat and scrarf at the Manassas Battlefield.

Package #4

3-8-23 Video Package #3-1.jpg

Milking Table


There is just something so hot about the milking table!
3-8-23 Video Package #3-3.jpg
 I was a very bad girl the day I did these videos. I  milked one guy after another!

More Milking Table


package 4-3 pic.jpg

And more!!!


I couldn't get messy enough!

Package #5

Package 5-1 pic.jpg

It started with Licking..


And ended with a bj
package 5-2 pic (1).jpg
Anal we're talking!

Me a Dildo and Anal Beads


package 5 -2 pic.jpg

Kitty Lickin Lesson


I give a demonstration of what I like on a realistic vagina!

Package #6

3-18-23 site oic package 6.jpg

After Feasting on My Kitty....


He lost his load in my sweet mouth!
3-18-23 pic sit package 6.jpg

A Close Up w/ My POV Kitty Lickin


You can even  hear how sloppy and wet I got!
3-18-23 pic site package 6.jpg

Vibrating Anal Beads


Always a show stopper!  Accompanied by a vibrating dildo!!

Package #7

3-20-23 pic video package #7 part 1.jpg

First  I Warmed Up.....


Just me and my dildo....
3-20-23 pic video package #7 part 2.jpg

Then I got Titty F'd....


And guy #1 shot a nice load on my magnificent beasts
3-20-23 pic for package 7.jpg

Then There Was This...


Fun blow BJ position, and I think guy #2 unloaded on my pretty titties as well!

Package #8

3-18-23 package 8 pic 2.jpg

Solo Titty Play


Just to tease...
3-18-23 package 8 pic 3.jpg

More Titty Play


And tantalize...
3-18-23 package 8 pic 4.jpg

Even More Titty Play


And tempt!!

Package #9

4-16-23 pic.jpg

Hot Masturbation with a Dildo


4-7-23 pic package #9.jpg

Butt Plug & a Dildo


Who doesn't love watching a butt plug going in...and taken out!
4-8-23 pic package 9 vid 3.jpg
Quick and sexy hip wiggling

Showing off the Outfit


Short clips of masturbation and pulling anal beads out.

Package #10

4-8-23 pic package #10 vid 1.jpg

This ended in a facial


Assuming you're stuck on the facial, I'll say no more!  Must watch!!
4-8-23 pic vid package #10 vid 3.jpg
Always highly requested

Lip gloss application


4-7-23 pic for package 10.jpg



A quick toke on my pipe with my pretty lips!

Package #11

4-13-23 pic package 11 pic 2 (1).jpg

Titty Play


Swaying, bouncing, smiling
4-13-23 pic vid package 11 pic 1.jpg



With anal beads
4-13-23 PIC 3 FOR PACKAGE 11_edited.jpg
Umm, yea, me and a male partner

Whipped Cream and a Cock


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