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I absolutely love sexting!

My favorite scenario is when I'm in public and the heated exchange is almost too much to handle.  

The need to slip my fingers under the silky panties  to satisfy my lustful needs is difficult to control.

I feel myself getting wet as I imagine my partner stroking his cock to my words!  Good stuff!

Here's a recent sexting session for your reading pleasure


Hi Frankie! What are you doing?


          Chilling thinking of aunt tori


You always were the naughty one weren't you ?




Should we play a game?



          What’s the game?


OK,  so the the first thing you need to do in our game is to find a quiet space where you can be alone. Can you do that for me?


          Ok I am in my room all quiet


Now take your pants off for your sexy Aunt. You want to do that for me don't you?




Does your cock start to throb at my touch?


          Fuck yes as soon as  i felt  your breath

          I was getting hard


Would you stop me if I slid my hands down the front of your shirt? Would you thrill at the thought of my breasts pressing into your upper back?


          No I wouldn’t  stop you


As I slip my hand lower, I would comment on what a bad boy you are, getting such a stiff, pulsating erection for your aunt




          I know that's wrong but I can't help it every time I visit you it happens


Feel yourself leaning back into me a  s you finally admit how hot you are, and have been, for me for as long as you can remember


          Yes auntie


Unzip your pants for me


          Fuck yes they are unzipped


Picture me walking around in front of you…. my eyes locked with yours as I meet your lips with a kiss. The most erotic, passionate, heated kiss of your life.


My hands would be on your cock now. Touch yourself and imagine it's me.


          Yeah I always wanted that

          Yes it feels so good


We've only just begun sweet nephew


Close your eyes and imagine me taking  you by the hand and leading you to the bed


          Yes auntie


I instruct you to lie down on your back. You deserve my praise for being so obedient.


          Thank you it is easy to obey you


I'm climbing onto the bed on top of you. Your cock begins to throb as the heat of my beautiful pussy passes over it.  Are you breathing hard? Wanting to make this last but dying to see how far I will take it?


          Fuck yes


You can't believe it as I start to crawl forward. I tell you to keep your hands to yourself, for now.



          Yes auntie


Do you feel like you're in heaven as I lower myself onto your waiting mouth? I'm instructing you to fuck me with your tongue.


I want it as deep inside of me as you can get it


          Fuck yes


You can feel how tight I am can't you?


          Yes you are so fucking tight


You can't believe I have you so close to losing your load and I haven't even touched your cock yet. Be patient dear boy. You need to make me cum couple of times before it’s your turn. 


I'm sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy imagining it's your hot wet tongue  


          Oh fuck that is so hot 🔥


I'm so wet. I love doing things that are taboo


Now, I want you to begin licking my clit. Gently and softly. At first.



          Fuck auntie I never knew this about you

           I've always wanted to lick your pussy


Mmmm that feels good.  The thrill of getting caught is so hot isn't it?


          Fuck  yes it is


Do you know how many times I've gotten so excited around you I have excused myself to the bathroom to rub one out? Every time I wanted to drive my fingers deep inside of me and then come out and feed my juice to you while no one was looking


Would it be OK if I did that next time we see each other?


          Please yes auntie


          I jerk off to you all the time

Start sucking my clit now


          Yes auntie, you taste so good

I would be begging you to make me cum right now



          Fuck I want that so bad


How hot would you be when you felt my essence dripping on your face and into your mouth?


          That would be fucking awesome


I would slide down off of your face and ask you if you wanted me to suck your cock or drop my dripping  pussy on you first



          Whatever you want auntie

OK first I'm going to put you inside of me. Are you stroking your cock while you're imagining all this?


 I do hope so.


          I will take Whatever you give me

          Fuck yes I  am



I would begin to fuck you slowly. 


I don't want you to cum yet.

I want you to stop me when I get you close


Because then I'm going to lick and suck my juice off of your cock. The taste of me mingling with your pre-cum is exquisite.


          Shit that's so good


It's so good because I really am a sexual goddess. I was meant for fucking.


          Yes you are


I can feel your head throbbing as it hits the back of my throat. The feel of my nails raking your ass up to your balls is maddening isn't it?


          Yes it's driving me crazy


          Get my cock so wet with your spit






You can't  believe it's so good  and yet you always knew I would be the perfect lover


          Fuck yes

          Fuck auntie please make ne your fuck pig

Would you like me to suck your balls now? Or shall I move back up to your face and spread my cheeks as I make you tongue fuck my ass?


          Yes please met ne tongue fuck your ass


          I want to cum so bad


I knew that's what you would choose.


You can't come yet. Not until I do. While you lick my ass I'll rub my clit


She’s still swollen and so sensitive



Get that tongue deep inside of me. Be a good boy. You need to be good for auntie or there won't be a second time.

My legs are starting to shake. I’m going to cum on your face again. I know how excited this will make you, so I spread my ass even further open.


          Ok I will



Ohhhhhh it's so good


           It is


Now I  want you to get on top of me. I want you to fuck me hard and deep as my pussy grips your cock.


          Shit you feel so good


You feel like you can't get deep enough inside of me, even though you're balls deep already



          I know


          I want to keep going


Right now, I want you to pound your auntie from behind. Grab my hair the way you've envisioned all these years as you mercilessly drive in and out of me.




          Fuck yes


I want us to cum together


          You like that auntie

          I'm so ready


We both think we hear someone open the door, but instead of scaring us into our senses, it just excites us that much more




Faster babe



          Yes auntie


Make your auntie cum again


          Fuck yes


Do you want to pull out and shoot your load all over my gorgeous tits so you'll have that mental image to remember? Or do you wanna let it go deep inside my now soaking pussy?


          Cum on your titties


Give it to me, Frankie!! ! I want you to feel my nails digging into you as I beg for your load


Are you close? I'm going to cum all over your cock right now.




I know it will drive you over the edge. I'm squeezing my tits together, my nipples are so hard waiting for that load. I've waited years for this.


          I'm cumming


Oh yea. Oh my gawd you're cumming so hard it’s  dripping  off my tits and all over my face.


          OMG that was so good


Yea it was!!


I swear, I love my life!

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